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Name: Keisha
Age (optional): 20
Top Fandoms:
Harry Potter,
Veronica Mars,
Dawson's Creek,
Top Gear,
Doctor Who
Top Pairings:
Jen/Jack (non-romantic)
Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?:
Mostly het, but some slash as well. :)
Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore:
Joshua Jackson, Shia LaBeouf are all time favourites
What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis:
Rants, geekiness, pictures and things about my life, good or bad.
Some things you love (besides fandom, of course):
Football (But I guess thats kind of a fandom as well?),
hanging out with friends,
What you'd like to find in a friend:
Someone friendly. : D
What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any):
Anything else?:
Wanna be my friend? : D
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Name: Julie

Age: is only a number

Top Fandoms: Glee, Supernatural, CSI:NY, Psych, Veronica Mars, Skins, Primeval, Make It or Break It, Juno, Twilight, The Looking Glass Wars, Syfy's Alice, Band of Brothers, etc.

Top Pairings:
WillEmma, MikeBrittany, FinnRachel, ArtieTina, PuckRachel (Glee)
DeanLisa, DeanAnna, SamJessica, SamMadison (Supernatural)
FlackAngell, DannyLindsey, MacStella (CSI:NY)
ShawnJules (Psych)
VeronicaLogan, MacDick (Veronica Mars)
CassieSid (Skins)
ConnorAbby, StephenAbby (Primeval)
EmilyDamon (Make It or Break It)
JunoBleeker (Juno)
AliceJasper, CarlisleEsme (Twilight)
AliceHatter (Syfy's Alice)

Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?:  mainly het but sometimes slash

Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore:  Mark Salling, Jayma Mays, Chris Colfer, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Andrew Lee Potts, James Roday, Kristen Bell, Tina Majorino, Jason Dohring, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel, Mitch Hewer, Hannah Spearritt, Johnny Pacar, Ellen Page, Kellen Lutz, Ashley Greene, Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, Ricky Gomez, etc.

What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis: sarcasm, random thoughts resulting in boredom, what goes on in my dull life, stuff that happens in drama club

Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): writing stories, listening to music, reading, goofing off with my friends, ethnic food, doodling instead of taking notes in class

What you'd like to find in a friend: someone I can talk to about whatever and have fun while doing so, and maybe occasionally spilling my guts to

What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): Secret Life of The American Teenager, anything with Bella from Twilight, BellaJacob (he could do better), bad teenage horror films with no plot that involve dumb blondes getting killed constantly.

Anything else?:
I tend to ramble sometimes. And I don't update my journal a lot. I also don't have tons of friends. I'm not the most social person. Oh and this:
by sara_stc
Angel Coulby

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Name: Maria
Age (optional):
Top Fandoms:
Supernatural, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville,
Top Pairings:
Dean/Castiel, Draco/Harry, John/Rodney, Clark/Chloe, Clark/Lex, Clark/Oliver, RPS, Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Misha, Cloud/Tifa(Final Fantasy 7)
Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?:Basically all. But mostly slash. And least het. Also gen.
Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore:
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Hugh Jackman, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine,Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Joe Flanigan, John Barrowman, Emma Watson,
What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis:
Whining, fics, fandom-related posts, daily life
Some things you love (besides fandom, of course):
Music. Reading. Writing. Cheesecake.
What you'd like to find in a friend:
Someone friendly ;) to talk with. SPN fans out there? Basically anyone open minded. And with common interests.
What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): Not really. Not that I can think of right now.
Anything else?:
Mm.. no I think that covers it. Oh and I love Pushing Daisies. I haven't watched season two yet, I'm still getting done with season one. Also Leverage, still need to finish season one. 

(no subject)

Name: Tanja
Age (optional): 21
Top Fandoms: Bones
Top Pairings: Brennan and Booth
Other Fandoms: How I met your mother, Harry Potter, Grey's Anatomy, Fringe, True Blood, Dollhouse,...I have a looong list.
Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: Emily Deschanel
Favorite Books: Harry Potter series, Thrillers by Karin Slaughter, Simon Beckett, Jilliane Hoffmann or Chris Mooney.
Favorite Movies: Illuminati, The Interpreter, Harry Potter series
What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis: icons and other fanarts, private posts are locked for friends
Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): reading, being in nature, science
What you'd like to find in a friend: somebody I can talk about (almost) everything, someone who shares my interests
What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): Angel and Cordelia from Angel...I hated that one.

(no subject)

Name: Misa (and it's seriously been my nickname since before Death note existed)
Age (optional): 27, just don't tell anyone
Top Fandoms:Death Note, Harry Potter, Ouran High School Host Club, Bleach, Dollhouse and Avatar when I'm in the mood.
Top Pairings: Fred/ Hermione < OTP, George/ Hermione, Fred/ Hermione/ George, L/ Light, L/ Misa, Matsuda/ L, Kyouya/ Tamaki, Haruhi/ Mori, Urahara/ Ichigo.
Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?: I like it all, I mainly write het, but a read a lot more slash/ yaoi.
Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: Johnny Depp, Cillan Murphy, Ewan McGreggor, Elijah Wood, Karl Urban, Emma Watson and the Phelps twins.
What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis: Fic sometimes, quizzes, links to/ comments on stuff I find amusing or interesting, stuff about my boring life, fangirling.
Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): Reading, video games, rock music, Stephen King books, photoshopping/ making graphics, old buildings.
What you'd like to find in a friend: Someone who's into the same things as I am, who will read/ comment on my crap and I will do the same for. Someone who doesn't mind the fact that I will talk about my kids and husband from time to time. Someone who will give me honest and constructive feedback on my fanfic.
What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any):Anyone/ Near (really this is a big no for me), Twilight (mostly because my Mom and Mother-in-law talk about it all the time), Harry/ Hermione and Ron/ Hermione I will seriously read any Harry Potter pairing but these two.
Anything else?: I've had a journal for awhile, but there's not much at it yet because it was originally just to read fanfic but I'm newly very into posting more at it. It's friends only only so I know who's reading about my personal life. I'm really hoping to find a lot of friends into the same things as I am.

(no subject)

<b>Name:</b> Eh, whatever you want to call me, my name's horribly cliche so whatever you can get out of it, go for it. Compy works, too.
<b>Age (optional):</b> 17
<b>Top Fandoms:</b> Daily Show/Colbert Report, House, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Death Note, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Harry Potter, Batman (mostly Nolanverse), Naruto, and Lie to Me.
<b>Top Pairings:</b> Stewart/Colbert (guilty pleasure), House/Wilson, any combination of Kaiba/Mai/The Mariks/The Bakuras, L/Misa and Ryuuk/Light, Yuki/Machi, Ayame/Mine, Envy/Anybody, Snape/Lily, Any combination of Batman and the Rogues Gallery, Akatsuki slash, and Lightman/Foster.
<b>Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?:</b> Het and slash. I can read femmeslash, but it's a bit boring for me.
<b>Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore:</b> Cillian Murphy, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, Hugh Laurie, and Tim Burton.
<b>What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis:</b> Whatever's on my mind at the time, from real life events to random ramblings to memes and surveys and quizzes because I LOVE those things.
<b>Some things you love (besides fandom, of course):</b> Writing, music, reading, winter, roses, making friends, history, dissecting things, and geeking out.
<b>What you'd like to find in a friend:</b> Just someone I can easily talk to, fandom or not. And of course, we'd need to have SOME things in common, but I doubt that'll be too hard.
<b>What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any):</b> Twilight. It's one of the few things that'll literally make my stomach hot with rage and send me ranting. I don't hate on people who are fans, just don't bring it up unless you share hatred of it.
<b>Anything else?:</b> This journal's only a few days old, so I'm on the prowl for friends. Add me and I'll add you! :D
Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

(no subject)

Name: Zed
Age: 20-something
Top Fandoms:
Hot Fuzz
Shaun of the Dead
Black Books
Top Gear
Doctor Who
Life on Mars (UK)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (radio, telly, books, comics, film; I love it all)
Top Pairings: I don't really do a whole lot of shipping, but I've a few (not that most of them make any sense):
Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman
Nicholas Angel/Rose Tyler
Bernard Black/Marsha Klein
And my OTP of never getting it on: Tim Bisley/Daisy Steiner
Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?: What about Gen? :P
Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman
What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis: My journal doesn't do anything on a day to day basis. Sometimes, you'll get fic posts, other times you'll get links from the internet, or even social experiments or meta posts. And then other times, I just want to bitch about something.
Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): I love to write and draw. Photography is another something that I do, and occasionally post to my blog
What you'd like to find in a friend: Someone who shares my interests? I'unno. *shrug*
What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): I honestly avoid a lot of fandoms in general. I only actively follow the Hot Fuzz fandom, and occasionally glance at the rest, as they tend to scare me.
Anything else?: No...?
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i'm fucking fantastic, ahrite?

Name: jenna (jbird, little j, and occasionally hbic)

Age (optional): are we talking like, shoved-out-of-the-uterus age or i-act-like-i'm-x age? i'm 19. i act like i'm either 30 or 12.

Top Fandoms:
→ harry potter
→ gossip girl
→ big love
→ the colbert report
→ the daily show
→ (this isn't a fandom but i'm obsessed) ace of cakes, unwrapped, good eats, iron chef america
→ 10 things i hate about you

Top Pairings:
→ jenny/nate
→ dan/blair
→ chuck/nate
→ jenny & eric = coolest siblings EVER.
→ hermione/harry
→ hermione/ron
→ hermione/draco
→ hermione/anyone that i can believe (charlie weasley, theodore nott, etc etc)
→ daphne greengrass/zacharias smith (otp~)
→ luna/ron

Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?: i prefer het. but i don't ~*~judge~*~ people because they like slash.

Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: alskdfjsad this is also list. →→ (!!!) denotes someone i spend a shitton of time talking about. FYI.
ginnifer motherfucking goodwin. yes, she is that important.
taylor momsen (!!!)
→ alison lohman
→ bryce dallas howard
→ kirsten dunst
→ hannah spearitt
→ miranda kerr
→ ryan gosling (!!!)
→ ben barnes (!!!)
→ justin long
→ jamie bell
→ sondre lerche (!!!) [i'm also going to marry this guy. be forewarned.]
→ chace crawford

What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis:
→ a lot of random keyboard smashing
→ a lot of talking of roleplaying and/or my characters
→ multiple posts per day
→ sad posts. i has them.
→ family drama.
→ lots of gossip girl references.
→ music? we shall see.
occasionally icons.

Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): watching romantic comedies, grocery shopping, talking on the phone for hours with alison, going to disney world, dancing in my room, making daisy chains, theatre theatre theatre, my momma, hating tourists, creeping on celebrities (yes this is separate from fandom), obsessing over songs, the rainbow, laughing at twilight, laughing at bad tv shows, laughing in general, being fantastic.

What you'd like to find in a friend: someone who will not mind if i spew emo all over the place, someone who will be deep with me, someone who doesn't mind that i'm psychotic about ben barnes, ryan gosling, and sondre lerche, someone who won't be weirded out by the fact that i rp, someone who loves hermione granger as much as i do~, uhhhh. people who will text me! i like text messages :)

What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): nate/vanessa, chuck/blair (but i tolerate it, just don't expect me to like it), people who bash jenny humphrey/taylor momsen, twilight, twilight, did i mention twilight?

Anything else?: alksdf this gif :)
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i am mod #2, bitches.

Name: jessica-alice, alicentaur, mod #2

Age (optional): 18

Top Fandoms:
• bandom: fall out boy, cobra starship, panic at the disco, my chemical romance, etc.
• the daily show
• the colbert report
• house m.d.
• fight club
• scrubs
• i also dabble in rps!

Top Pairings:
• pete/patrick
• william/gabe
• jon/stephen
• house/wilson
• jared/jensen
• tyler/narrator
• jd/cox

Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?: slash! also, some femmeslash. mmm.

Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: jared padalecki, jensen ackles, rdj, and nph. fuck you, rpattz.

What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis: talking about bandom, my boyfriend, my twin (mod #1, cascades), and school/home life. boring stuff, lol.

Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): puppies, rainbows, and delicious food.

What you'd like to find in a friend: someone who actually reads my posts and loves me for me~

What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): um, i mostly despise all het. some i'll tolerate, but.

Anything else?: FUCK YEAH NARWHALS.