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31 May 2009 @ 08:53 pm
i'm fucking fantastic, ahrite?  
Name: jenna (jbird, little j, and occasionally hbic)

Age (optional): are we talking like, shoved-out-of-the-uterus age or i-act-like-i'm-x age? i'm 19. i act like i'm either 30 or 12.

Top Fandoms:
→ harry potter
→ gossip girl
→ big love
→ the colbert report
→ the daily show
→ (this isn't a fandom but i'm obsessed) ace of cakes, unwrapped, good eats, iron chef america
→ 10 things i hate about you

Top Pairings:
→ jenny/nate
→ dan/blair
→ chuck/nate
→ jenny & eric = coolest siblings EVER.
→ hermione/harry
→ hermione/ron
→ hermione/draco
→ hermione/anyone that i can believe (charlie weasley, theodore nott, etc etc)
→ daphne greengrass/zacharias smith (otp~)
→ luna/ron

Het, slash, or femmeslash (or a combination)?: i prefer het. but i don't ~*~judge~*~ people because they like slash.

Actors/actresses/misc. celebrities you adore: alskdfjsad this is also list. →→ (!!!) denotes someone i spend a shitton of time talking about. FYI.
ginnifer motherfucking goodwin. yes, she is that important.
taylor momsen (!!!)
→ alison lohman
→ bryce dallas howard
→ kirsten dunst
→ hannah spearitt
→ miranda kerr
→ ryan gosling (!!!)
→ ben barnes (!!!)
→ justin long
→ jamie bell
→ sondre lerche (!!!) [i'm also going to marry this guy. be forewarned.]
→ chace crawford

What one might find in your journal on a day-to-day basis:
→ a lot of random keyboard smashing
→ a lot of talking of roleplaying and/or my characters
→ multiple posts per day
→ sad posts. i has them.
→ family drama.
→ lots of gossip girl references.
→ music? we shall see.
occasionally icons.

Some things you love (besides fandom, of course): watching romantic comedies, grocery shopping, talking on the phone for hours with alison, going to disney world, dancing in my room, making daisy chains, theatre theatre theatre, my momma, hating tourists, creeping on celebrities (yes this is separate from fandom), obsessing over songs, the rainbow, laughing at twilight, laughing at bad tv shows, laughing in general, being fantastic.

What you'd like to find in a friend: someone who will not mind if i spew emo all over the place, someone who will be deep with me, someone who doesn't mind that i'm psychotic about ben barnes, ryan gosling, and sondre lerche, someone who won't be weirded out by the fact that i rp, someone who loves hermione granger as much as i do~, uhhhh. people who will text me! i like text messages :)

What fandoms/pairings you can't STAND (if any): nate/vanessa, chuck/blair (but i tolerate it, just don't expect me to like it), people who bash jenny humphrey/taylor momsen, twilight, twilight, did i mention twilight?

Anything else?: alksdf this gif :)
Current Mood: amused
Nikkidancebox on July 21st, 2009 09:08 am (UTC)
We both love Harry Potter and despise Twilight. Haha! Friends? :)