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find some friendly friends that share your fandoms!

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find some friendly friends that share your fandoms!
( R U L E S )

1. Please, follow the basic posting template. This is so that it will be easier for people to find friends with similar interests. Feel free to add/delete questions if it helps, but make sure you keep your posts in template form. There is a template located below these rules that will start you off.

BONUS: You are allowed to tack on one picture or GIF to your post, but please, keep it relatively small, and if someone asks you to put it behind a cut, do it.

2. Furthermore, people who post in paragraphs – "Hi, my name is Sue, and I like Yu-Gi-Oh! and slash" – will be given a warning to edit their post into an easier-to-read template form. Failure to edit within the given timeframe will result in the post being deleted.

Multiple offenses will result in either being asked to leave or banning.

3. Please, try to remember to tag your posts. You can see our tags list HERE. If your fandom is already there, please use that tag. If not, you may add your own, but please try to keep the tag within the boundaries we've already set up.

4. This is sort of "duh" rule, but-- be nice, y'all. If we ask you to calm down, please do so. Once more, multiple offenses here will result in banning.

5. For the love of god, people, no shipping/fandom wars. We mean it. This is a place to make friends. If someone likes something you don’t like, just skip it. There's this thing called the scroll bar, and it scrolls down the page! Astonishing, we know.

6. If you want to friend someone, comment on their post first. That's just common courtesy.

7. If you don't have anything nice to say, get the fuck out. We say this only partly in jest.

8. If you have a question, complaint, suggestion, or anything of the sort, please do not comment on the mods' personal journals. Instead, please comment on our FAQ POST.

mod #1; cascades

also known as: amanda, mandapanda, mandarama, mandaffodil, mandazzle~*
her friendlyfandom post is here.
mod #2; cadaeic

also known as: alice, jessica-alice, alicentaur, alice-palace
her friendlyfandom post is here.

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